Jeans texture and denim wallpaper, background fabric collection

Jeans texture and denim background fabric collection

Hi, here is my collection of free texture images that are a jean or denim wallpaper, fabric background. Mostly pockets but a few straight flat material in blue, black and brown.

Not surprisingly wikipedia has a page about denim (here), where it tells you that it is a sturdy cotton warp-faced twill textile  in which the weft passes under the warp threads and produces the familiar diagonal ribbing that distinguishes it from cotton duck. Pretty exciting 🙂 What did surprise me though is the fading has specific names.

Patterns of fading in jeans are part of the main allure of dry denim and are seen as a way of “personalizing” the garment and have specific names:

  • Combs or honeycombs – These are faded lines that are found behind the knees.
  • Whiskers – Faded streaks that surround the crotch area of the jeans.
  • Stacks – These are created by having the inseam of the jeans hemmed a few inches longer than the actual leg length. The extra fabric then stacks on top of the shoe, causing a faded area to form around the ankle, extending up to the calf area.
  • Train tracks – These appear on the out seams of the denim. This pattern showcases the selvage by forming two sets of fades which resemble train tracks.

I always just categorized them into good, medium and old ones for housework, mowing the lawn.

Anyway here are the images 🙂


  • Two free denim textures from the front jean pocket closeup of blue denim texture

    Hi, here are two denim textures from the front jean pocket. The first is an older darker fabric while the second from a pair of womens jeans is a lighter blue material and is shaped in more of a square


  • Another free texture of blue denim from a jeans pocket front pocket with studs of blue denim fabric


    Just a plain one this time but here is another free texture of blue denim from a jeans pocket.



  • Three Blue Jeans Denim Textures photo of the pocket of old faded denim jeans image


    Here is three blue jeans denim textures that I took the other day. As you can tell the bottom two images are the same, I just played with the second one in photoshop to fade it, make it more cyan and add the white vignetting.




  • two denim backgrounds or blue jean textures deep blue new denim jeans texture


    Denim backgrounds or blue jean textures

    Hi, here are two denim textures or jeans fabric backgrounds with the cloth laid out flat. Not real exciting but sometimes you just need a good straight fabric texture.



  • Dark jeans pocket black denim texture dark black background jeans texture

    Dark jeans pocket black denim texture

    Hi, This time it is a single picture of the pocket of some black denim jeans. I added a vignette and made it dark so it becomes more of a background than a fabric texture.

  • Three closeup images of denim jeans texture standard blue denim jeans texture


    Three closeup images of denim jeans texture

    Hi, Here are three free stock photo textures of denim jeans fabric. First is faded, Second is old and the third with possibly a touch too much saturation is a new-ish light blue denim material. Each picture is of part of the back pocket


  • pocket of black denim jeans texture black denim jeans pocket texture


    Photo of the pocket of black jeans texture

    Hi, More denim! Here is a shot from the back left pocket of some black jeans. To be honest these were blue and changed it to black in Nik Color Efex, where I also increased the contrast add some vignetting etc.

  • Straight and simple, a black denim background, cloth jeans fabric texture black denim texture

    A black denim jeans background fabric cloth texture

    Here is a simple flat back denim texture from a photo of some jeans. Enhanced a little to show the white spots in the material.

  • Another blue pocket of some jeans for a denim texture blue pocket of denim jeans texture

    Another blue pocket of some jeans for a denim texture

    Hi, Another closeup photo of blue denim jeans. It is the pocket again, but different to the last one of these images.

  • faded pocket of blue jeans denim texture faded pocket of jeans denim texture

    Hi, Another denim texture. This one is of some old faded blue jeans that added a white vignette and enhanced further in photoshop.


  • black denim jeans texture background black pocket of denim jeans background

    Hi, Here is a free black denim jeans texture background.

  • 5 Great Denim Background Fabric Textures


    Denim Jeans Fabric Textures

    I was playing with images for my other blog and came across a great texture (I’ll put it in the next post :).

    Anyway it got me thinking that I really need to diversify a bit. So the next few posts will be images by others that I have selected. Unfortunately they are ...

  • back pocket of brown jean texture brown jeans texture

    Hi, here is the back pocket with orange stitching of some brown jeans. I think it is just cotton jeans rather than denim, but anyway should be a good fabric or material texture.



  • Two background images of a brown fabric texture brown denim texture

    Hi, Brown fabric texture and brown denim jeans texture images.


blue jeans denim texture background

pocket of blue jeans denim texture background

faded denim background or jean texture

stitching on a blue denim jeans image


faded blue denim jeans texture from a pocket

blue denim jean texture

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