Great Seamless Images for a Fur texture or Fur Background

Looking for a Fur Texture or Fur Background?

Hi, I thought I would do another collection post and hopefully make it easy for people to find what they are after (I am actually slowly going through the whole site, cleaning, sorting and tagging the old images, which should make it better too). Anyway this a collection of seamless free textures, wallpaper and background images based on a theme of pictures for a fur texture or fur background. Hope you like them 🙂


  • Zebra Print Background Texture Seamless fur of a zebra texture background

    Zebra Print Background Texture

    Hi, Here is another zebra fur background. Took me a long time to make this one as couldn’t decide between white with black stripes or black with white stripes (my kids would now roll their eyes at me and yep, a dad joke :). Anyway it is also seamless so make it as ...

  • Short White Fur Texture Background Soft White Luxurious Fur Texture Background


    Short White Fur Texture Background

    Hi, Playing around and did another white fur texture. Went for a short hair that was reasonably ruffled. It is seamless again so that you can use it for any size background that you want.

  • Seamless image of a leopard fur background texture new leopard fur texture background

    Seamless leopard fur background texture

    Hi, My last free leopard background and I think it is the best. I put more work into the closeup, so that while it is a long way from perfect it is better than the others. I looked what uses there are and decided that was the optimal size for most ...

  • Seamless tiger fur background texture new tiger fur texture background that is a seamless image


    Seamless tiger fur background image

    Hi, here is another tiger background texture! A seamless fur image that I made a few minutes ago (although it a few hours to render). I brought it down to 3500 x 3500 pixels and it looks pretty good closeup and hopefully it will also be good when tiled.

  • Another great seamless fur texture in brown and orange seamless luxurious fur texture

    Seamless fur texture

    Hi, Last one in this series. Here is another nice swirly brown fur texture with orange highlights. Once again it is seamless so can be made into a much bigger image

  • Third seamless dalmatian or dairy cow fur texture seamless dairy cow fur texture

    Third seamless dalmatian or dairy cow fur texture

    Hi, Here is the third and final dalmatian dog or cow fur texture image. Once again it is seamless so can be tiled to make a large background image, personally I think it would look better if you did 🙂

  • Blank panther fur texture background seamless panther fur texture

    Blank panther fur texture image

    Hi, Here is a fur texture from a black panther. I didn’t know that panthers had the leopard spots, I thought they were smooth and sleek, but I have never got close enough to look. Anyway this is the way is generated so I will go with it. Seamless again so ...

  • Great seamless brown animal fur texture – Dog or Rabbit seamless brown fur texture

    Seamless brown animal background

    Hi, Here is a great animal fur texture. It is generated in photoshop but looks like it would be from a dog, rabbit or some other brown animal 🙂 Being seamless you could tile it as much as you want to have a great fur background.

  • Great seamless giraffe patterned fur texture seamless giraffe fur background

    Hi, Here is a great giraffe pattern / fur texture. It is seamless so can be tiled and I would suggest doing that over cropping as it’s not real great closeup.

  • Dalmatian dog fur or seamless dairy cow texture seamless dairy cow skin texture

    hi, here is another dalmatian dog fur or  dairy cow texture. Again it’s not real good closeup, but being seamless should be useful


  • long soft and luxurious seamless animal fur texture seamless animal fur texture

    Here is a nice free long soft and luxurious animal fur texture. Long brown with orange highlights should make a good seamless fur background


  • A cool seamless orange fur texture orange fur texture

    Hi, well I don’t know what animal this could be from, perhaps a cat? Anyway I really like this one. Great red and orange soft fur in a totally seamless background texture.


  • seamless dairy cow or perhaps dalmatian fur texture seamless dairy cow texture

    Hi here is a free generated image of the skin of a dairy cow or perhaps the fur from a dalmatian dog. As you can see even at this resolution, it isn’t very sharp so you will really want to be taking advantage of the fact that it is a seamless texture and do some ...

  • leopard fur texture again another seamless spotted fur background leopard fur texture

    Here is a leopard fur texture again. Made differently than the others although it is still seamless it is more a spotted fur background rather than the definitively shaped spots that is present in some of the others.

  • leopard texture background – seamless fur seamless leopard spots texture

    Free leopard texture fur background. This one is a bit better and more subtle in the color than the last I posted. Unfortunately it is still not real great close up, then it is seamless so hopefully isn’t needed to be that close.

  • Fur texture – Soft brown flowing and seamless brown fur texture

    Brown seamless fur texture

    Free fur texture that is soft brown, flowing and seamless. Again the not the greatest closeup, so don’t crop closeup but really good when you want to tile

  • zebra texture or fur with black and white stripes another zebra fur texture

    Free zebra texture or fur with black and white stripes (yep that was profound wasn’t it – I haven’t seen too many other colours 🙂 anyway it is another generated seamless one


  • Soft Brown Fur Texture soft brown fur texture

    Another fur texture, this one is the soft brown fur of a furry animal 🙂 (I started writing various animals that it could be and then thought this is ridicilous). Anyway it seamless and like most of the fur textures it’s not real good closeup, but tiled or used at its native resolution should be ...

  • seamless brown striped fur texture brown striped fur texture

    More free long soft fur! This one is a reddish brown with right to left flow.


  • long soft black and white fur texture black and white fur texture

    Hi, some black spots on white fur. Long, soft and luxurious should be good for a great many animal and furry uses. Oh it is also seamless.

  • Large rendered background image of leopard spots a very large rendered illustration of leopard skin and spots

    Hi, Here is a free image of leopard spots or fur. It would make a great background for things relating to animals etc. It is a photoshop generated texture and while it does a reasonable job, it’s pretty fuzzy closeup so probably wont work for you if you need to crop it and only use a small part.

  • spotted cheetah fur texture seamless spotted fur texture

    Hi, some spotted cheetah fur. Another seamless background and 2000 x 2000 pixels

  • seamless orange tiger fur texture seamless tiger fur texture

    Another free fur texture or background image, this time of tiger stripes


  • A seamless soft white fur texture seamless white fur texture

    Here is a free seamless soft white fur texture


  • Seamless zebra fur texture zebra fur texture

    Free Seamless Zebra Fur Texture

    After making the seamless wood the other I made some fur as well. Enjoy

  • long, soft, wavy and luxurious animal fur long, soft, wavy and luxurious animal fur

    long, soft, wavy and luxurious animal fur


    A long soft, wavy and luxurious animal fur texture with nice deep rich red brown colour. Hopefully it is seamless 🙂

  • Fur of a Leopard Background Texture spotted leopard or jaguar skin or fur

    Leopard Background Texture

    Hi, Here is a large free background image of spotted leopard fur or perhaps it is from a jaguar.


  • Rendered textured background of cheetah fur and spots rendered textured background of cheetah fur and spots

    another render – large  background image of cheetah fur and spots


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  1. Thanks a lot for the textures… Especially the seamless fur textures are amazing to be used in providing a great deal of realism to my sculpt. Definitely recommend to all my Art Friends.


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