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Nice and simple :)

You take all responsibility for your own actions and for the usage of images, we are not taking responsibility for anything you do or anything that happens to you in any way, shape or form.

The images of My Free Textures are distributed as royalty free with the only exception being the right to use photos from this website to create a similar or competing service, like a stock photography platform.

Fair Use – You can use the images with credit / attribution to Sometimes it is not possible to give credit directly on a final project – in these cases please mention the site on your website, Facebook or similar, whatever you think is fair.

You May

  • Download the images on this site
  • Use them for both commercial and/or personal use
  • Modify, Photoshop, or change them, delete them :)
  • Make new products that you sell or give away
  • Use them as background for your website, game etc

You May Not

  • Claim that you are the owner or copyright holder
  • Upload them to stock and/or photo sharing sites and platforms or distribute them without modification
  • Include them in texture packs or collages of textures for download

Resizing: Not a must do, just advice :) If you are using the image on the internet, re-size it down to the smallest size you need. If it is the background you don’t want to use a 4000 x 4000 pixel, 9mb image as your background as it will wipe out your bandwidth and be very slow loading! make it smaller :)

Linking:  please link to the page and not direct to the image – that way people can have a nice look around before downloading :).

Hotlinking: Please do not link direct to the image so that it loads from my server (I got kicked of my first server because of excessive bandwidth usage because so many people were doing this. Over 80% of my bandwidth usage was people doing this :(

Enjoy! I love seeing what people have done with them feel free to drop me a message using the contact form or in the comments!


  1. Hi, just to let you know I think this website is great. please never take it down!

  2. Muito obrigado pelo seu trabalho e seu apoio, sim se eu usar suas texturas, vai ter seu nome no meu trabalho, que seja um tutorial, que seja algo pra ensino, e raro, profisional. embora seu nome vai estar lá!! Eu prometo. Obrigado!!!! Beto!! :)

  3. Dear Phil,

    I came across to your wonderful textures! I used one of them as a background of the map of my world and I put it on the cover of my book, published on Of course, I mentioned your website in my book, like:

    Texture by

    Thank you very much for your work and greetings from Italy!

  4. If I use one of your parchment textures for a background on a book cover, I was planning on documenting “Background texture art for cover provided by” on the copyright page with the artist credits. Will this fulfill the credit and attribution requirement?

  5. I read the “simple licence” at the bottom of the page as well now. Does that mean If I put a link at the bottom of my site saying “Site background credited to” it would be fine to use?

    Thank you

  6. Dear Phil,

    I have just found your beautiful website searching for background on Google. I have been searching a perfect background for weeks because I promised my friend to edit the cover of her book. This book will be her own print with about 200 pcs. Can I use a wonderful background combining with our own pictures to get the expected effect? Of course every book will be have the source marking: your logo and URL address: as well. I look forward to your approval. In that case if you have any further request, please do not hesitate to inform me. Have a nice day! Best regards, Gabi from Hungary

  7. Hi Phil, found you on google images & liked a cloud image.
    Question; My brother is selling his house & I being the only one with any camera skills is taking the pictures. Man what a learning curve, I am not a real estate photographer, just the brother with a good camera. One image needs a sky replacement.
    So it’s not commercial but it is going to go on a real estate web page and sort of is commercial-ish depending on how you view these things. This is the one and only house I have ever or will shoot. As it will be put into a dusk shot there is even smaller chance you will ever note it is your image if I run with this option. Just starting the image now so totally undecided. Being a real estate I cannot do any accreditation except in the image metadata which may or may not be stripped out by the website?
    If I gave you a cup of coffee would this be ok? I am totally fine if not. Have added your page to my bookmarks for further looking, always love textures and I am a bit odd this way myself.

  8. Loved the pictures. Can i use them as a poetry background for may blog^..

  9. I am creating a poster for my course work and i need to show proof of copyright law and that i follow it so i would like to ask permission to use one of your images, any questions are to be sent to my email address if you decide to grant my request.

  10. Cool site. Thanks for making available. Will link back for sure should I use anything.

  11. I found your wonderful website searching for parchment texture on Google. I am illustrating a children’s book for my granddaughter which will be a very limited run as self publishing is so expensive and am inspired by Arthur Rackam’s illustrations – ink outlines, watercolor on watercolor paper that has a glaze of greeny-ochre with slightly textured brushstrokes which the artist applied himself. To get a similar look to my digital paintings I will be using one of your excellent paper textures and I will definitely be thanking you in the book and on my website once it is up and running – look out for “Pooky the Sailor Cat”!

  12. Kelsey Hopkins

    Hello! your work is splendid! I am a high school student and was looking for something to spruce up my assignments to make them more appealing. While in my search i stumbled upon your website and i believe my decision was instantly made to use your work.

    Thank you! Im sure this will give my school work a bit more appeal and draw in my teachers. Ill make sure to give credit to you. Thanks again.

  13. I like tis site and will use the images. Not sure how I can credit you . The art work goes into an E-book. I will mention your site if I can. You do very nice work…

  14. Rob Vanderwildt

    Thanks for your remarkable collection and work. What a wonderful textures. I’ll use the “generated wallpaper” from 2011 for my podcast artwork. Give you the link as soon as possible. Greetings from Antwerp Belgium.

  15. I wonder how many works in your site :-)


  16. Mirjam Penning

    Came upon this site by accident while looking for wood textures. Thank you so much for all the great work! And ignore the strange looks when photographing materials. What do those people know, lol.
    A lot of people, including me, are very appreciative about what you and others do in this matter.
    Keep up the good work and for now have a wonderful weekend!

  17. Hi! I just used your background image for the back page of one our tour manuals (one hard-copy printed). Your images are awesome! We print a guide for our tour leaders when they go abroad with their students.

    —Jackie, Creative Director, TSA Tours (I took a screenshot and you can see it here: I also put your photo credit on the last page of the itinerary.

  18. Thank you, left a small donation and will link your site to my site when I put up the artwork. Much appreciated.

  19. You’re a life saver. Your textures are beautiful. Looking forward to watching you expand and grow.

  20. Hi, I am using one of your textures for a showroom floor on IMVU. It’s a personal room, not for sale, but I will be sure to give your site a mention on the catalog page.

  21. Thank you for this amazing page. Textures are beautiful and with an excellent quality to work.
    Just one question : I would like to use one for a flyer.
    I will try to put the credit on it, but If i can’t : If I put the flyer on facebook and i put the credit on the description of the image, it would be enough ?

    Thank you again for this great job anyway ! :)

  22. Just wanted to say thank you for the images, I will be using them on a fan site I am creating for my course.
    I will link to your site

  23. Thank you so much for your site. It really helps!

  24. Just to say I have really enjoyed looking over your site – wonderful textures. Thanks so much for making them available! I especially like the rough cut wood, but they are all super.

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