94 Fantastic Free Images for a Mushroom Wallpaper, Background or Texture

I was cruising around the internet the other day (I don’t surf, that requires too much balance and effort. I sit right back and low in my chair, arm out, mouse just on the desk much like the guys in old convertibles who can just reach the steering wheel and are cruising along checking things out on the street but being a nerd is checking out cool internet stuff). Anyway I’m digressing yet again. I was looking at some WordPress plugins (yep, that says a lot about me :) and I happened across pixabay.com. I’m sure plenty of you are sitting there thinking, he only just found pixabay? the answer is yes, yes I did. For those who haven’t seen it, it has a lot of free public domain images.

So I had a good look around and meandered through from one image to the next often using the suggested items as you do. I came across a great mushroom picture, which lead to another and another. So I collected them and thought I would do a post of a collection of the best mushroom wallpaper, background and texture images. It was actually more effort than I thought as I downloaded 120 images and then started editing. I think only 2 didn’t get edited in some way, and 26 got deleted. Some are big, some are small, the quality varies but after quite a lot of hours of cropping, color correction, cleaning up and other Photoshop editing, here is my pick of the top 94!


Mushroom Wallpaper

perfect mushroom wallpaper

night mushroom wallpaper

wild mushroom wallpaper

wide red lone toadstool wallpaper

white mushroom wallpaper

two mushroom in field photo

single mushroom wallpaper

rows of mushroom background

purple mushrooms

one big mushroom photo

matryoshka mushroom wallpaper

matryoshka mushroom image

matryoshka mushroom background

lone orange mushroom

great mushroom picture

grass and mushroom texture

forlorn mushroom wallpaper

fly agaric mushroom wallpaper

forest mushroom wallpaper

field mushroom background photo

fat red mushroom image

excellent brown mushroom wallpaper

closeup of tree mushroom wallpaper

brown mushroom in green photo

brown toadstool background image

blood milk mushrooms

blood milk mushroom background

big red mushroom or toadstool wallpaper

beautiful nameko mushroom wallpaper

armillaria mellea mushroom background

another mushroom wallpaper

another mushroom background image wallpaper

another free texture mushroom background wallpaper

 Mushroom Backgrounds

free white mushroom wallpaper background

white mushroom texture background image

sulphur ovinus mushroom background

yellow mushrooms

shiitake mushroom texture

real chanterelles mushroom background

photo of brown mushroom background

mushrooms in shop

mushrooms background

mushroom texture

mushroom texture background image

mushroom stew

mushroom background texture image

mushroom background texture

landscape chanterelles mushroom wallpaper

grey mushroom texture

green mushroom background

cooked mushrooms

drying mushroom background

chanterelles mushroom texture

chanterelles mushroom background

free button mushroom wallpaper

button mushroom background texture image

big mushroom background texture

background image of lots of mushrooms

another mushroom texture background image

Mushroom Textures

portabella mushroom wallpaper

parasol mushroom background texture

mushroom free texture image

closeup of mushroom background texture

macro shot of mushroom background

macro shot wild mushroom wallpaper

excellent mushroom texture

Other Great Free Mushroom Photos

tree root mushroom background wallpaper

a beam of sunlight on mushrooms in the forest

tree with mushrooms photo

portrait format toadstool free background image

row of red mushroom in grass picture

nameko mushrooms pile in forest

mushroom in red autumn or fall leaves photo

big red mushroom in beautiful green rainforest

mushrooms in crack

mushrooms peeking out

lone red mushroom background

tramete tree mushroom background

mushroom on black

tree covered in mushroom background

mushrooms on stump

mushroom in leaves

Wow, you actually made it to the bottom, I was worried that no one would with it being such a long post!

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