Two steam-punk styled cogs and gears brass metal backgrounds

Two free steam-punk inspired brass or gold cogs and gears backgrounds. Well over in this post of a gold clock texture I said what I felt I would do with the image and then I thought ‘we’ll why not?’ and I went and did and here it is.

I took that image and expanded the canvas to 200% in both directions, made four copies and tiled them. Flattened layers and then I cropped to what I thought was a good thing. I then applied an un-sharp mask on around strength 20, radius 80 and threshold 0 to boost the local contrast. From there I made 2 versions.

Bottom version I added two re-sized copies of this grunge concrete wall. One set to multiply and the other soft light and rotated 180 degrees. I used a layer mask and soft brush to reduce the effect on the front-most gears, adjusted contrast with curves and made it a little orange with standard photo warming filter. Finally I added a vignette.

Top version I used this image as a grunge texture and again re-sized and made 2 copies, rotating one of them. I reduced opacity of the multiply layer to around 50% to lower the effect. I brushed it back further on the cogs and then again adjusted contrast and color. This one I added a stronger vignette.

I think they will make a great background and I hope you like them.


steampunk gold or brass gears texture

steampunk grunge gold cogs texture

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