an old and worn out parchment paper background texture

old and worn parchment paper

Old and worn out parchment paper background

The popular old and worn out parchment paper texture. Not that it matters but it is actually Photoshop generated and brushed, still makes a nice stock background image


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Hi, Welcome to my site. My name is Phil. About me - Husband, father, geographer, traveler, photographer and all round nice guy :) I have love for the oddities, doors, windows, textures etc and I'm used to the strange looks I get when taking a photo of a wall, the grass, a road or a something I find interesting. Some of those images end up here and I hope you find them useful. Please remember to check the license!


  1. I’d like to use the parchment as a backdrop to share information with other faculty in a university setting. Would that be OK?

  2. Love this texture, may I use it as a background roleplaying game I intend to sell?

  3. Hi,

    I really like this great piece. I would like to use it as one of the element in my video on youtube. It is for a promotion to the event. Is it okay?



  4. Hey! I would like to use this texture for a card game that I am making on Would it be okay if I used it for my game which would be sold to people?

  5. Phil,

    I would like to use your backgrounds for a homeschool book., would that be ok with you?


  6. I am hoping to use this for the background on some of my food product labels. Would that be ok? I am a small food business and we do barbecue sauces.

  7. nice texture

  8. Julian Churchill

    Thanks for the great textures!

    I’d like to use this parchment one for a background in my text adventure game for Android. Is that ok?

    I can add a credit to the ‘About’ box if that is alright with you. This is a link to my game in the play store if you would like to see it – I want to put the texture into the next major version which I’m working on now.

  9. beth panganiban

    great ‘backgrounds’!! I would love to use some of them in the Church souvenir book that I’m working on right now. Of course with your permission….

  10. What should we credit you as?

  11. hiyo i’m pretty much using this as a generic background when i draw scribbles on my blog but now people are actually looking at my scribbles apparently so i want to ask permission if you’re a-ok on this if i toss a credit-linky-thing on there somewhere

    thanks for the stuff you’re excellent

  12. Hi,

    I a writer, currently working on my webpage, (under construction)

    I have used your parchment paper as a background to a map which I would like to put on my webpage Is this ok?

    I would like to give you credit in my links page with a link to your website. Is that acceptable?

    Kind Regards


  13. Hi, I would like to use one of these and will give you credit.

  14. HI, I would like to use one of these and will give you credit.

  15. Jakob Wikström

    Great backgrounds! So it is okay to use them if I post a credit and link in my blog?

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