A little plant growing in the soil

Free stock image of a little plant growing in the soil. Nice generic background image with copyspace.

It was actually a weed and I took the photo when sitting around my mum’s one day. She complained pretty bad that I was taking photos of her weeds :) I calmed the situation by showing some of the pictures of her roses I had taken. Unfortunately she also were I had pulled out the macro lens and gone after the aphids :)


a tiny little plant grows in the soil extremely narrow dof

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Hi, Welcome to my site. My name is Phil. About me - Husband, father, geographer, traveler, photographer and all round nice guy :) I have love for the oddities, doors, windows, textures etc and I'm used to the strange looks I get when taking a photo of a wall, the grass, a road or a something I find interesting. Some of those images end up here and I hope you find them useful. Please remember to check the license!

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