just an old paper or rough worn parchment background texture

old and worn parchment paper background texture

 An old and worn parchment paper background texture

Hi, this is an old paper or worn parchment background image that I made in photoshop one day. I started with a framed brushed metal background so this image has kept most of the frame and has a brushed texture overlaying the normal old paper texture

About myfreetextures

Hi, Welcome to my site. My name is Phil. About me - Husband, father, geographer, traveler, photographer and all round nice guy :) I have love for the oddities, doors, windows, textures etc and I'm used to the strange looks I get when taking a photo of a wall, the grass, a road or a something I find interesting. Some of those images end up here and I hope you find them useful. Please remember to check the license!


  1. michelle martello

    I know that your page says these paper images are free to use personal and commercially. They are just so beautiful that I wanted to confirm that that is correct. I might want to use one for candle labels with your permission and am happy to credit you with the artwork. Thank you. These are brilliant. You are very talented.

  2. We were wondering if we’d be able to use this image in our magazine. Please email bret (at) indieFunction.com to let us know if it’d be alright or not. We’ll make sure to credit you. :)

  3. Lovely stuff!

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